Årsmöte och seminarium 19-20 Mars 2016

Dr Jie Li: Fertility, Infertility, Women and Man
— Using classical TCM to preserve fertility and treat infertility with acupuncture and herbs

Infertility becomes chronicle epidemical problem in the western developed countries. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is one of method for the child wish couples. Unfortunately, the successes are not very satisfied. Using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for the treatment of Fertility and assistance of IVF has been paid attention in the west society since last decades. Many TCM practitioners have achieved satisfied results in their clinics.

Classical Chinese Medicine has had a great contributed to the fertility of its nation. In TCM history, from Zhang Zhong Jiang (Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue), till Zhu Dan Xi, Zhang Jing Yue, Fu Qing Zhu and the late, a great numbers of TCM masters have created many high effective herbal and acupuncture formulas. However, the formulas were scatted in the different amount of their works, mostly these works are not available in non-Chinese languages. This may bring inconveniences for today’s many western TCM practitioners. During many years study of these TCM classical works and application of these in his clinic, Dr. Li Jie has collected amount of effective formulas. In this lecture, the pathological mechanisms of infertility for man and women in classical TCM and the excellent formulas for both of acupuncture and herbal medicine will be discussed.


Day one: Fertility, infertility of women and preservation of fetus

Day two: Infertility of man and the treatment


The differentiation and diagnosis, pathological mechanisms, herbal, acupuncture mechanisms of formulas and with the clinical case studies will be explained and discussed in details.

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