TCM Congress Krakow

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Dear Sir / Dear Madam
I am writing on behalf of the Polish Traditional Chinese Medicine Association
– an organizer of the international TCM Congress in Kraków, Poland.
We would like to invite you and all the members of your Association to take part in this unique event, and to celebrate with us the 30th anniversary of TCM school in Kraków.

The congress will be a great opportunity to meet such worldwide renown names as Claude Diolosa, Yair Maimon,  Jeremy Ross, Sun Peilin,  Radha Tambirajah, Li Jie, Mazin Al-Khafaji, Jani White, Jiri Bilek and others. The list of Congress’ speakers can be found at:

Congress will provide you with a wide range of lectures and workshops on:
TCM in practice – with world famous practitioners , sharing their experience and presenting new treatment techniques
TCM in prophylaxis –where examples of diseases prevention, life cultivation with TCM methods and  powerful support of Western medicine will be presented
TCM and evidence-based medicine – with detailed study on the TCM treatment  efficiency, this part of the symposium will be supported with the results from specific case studies and scientific randomized trials. Particular attention will be also paid to the economic and scientific data from application of TCM treatment in conventional medicine.

TCM Congress will not be an opportunity to gain knowledge on new trends in TCM, but will also welcome you in the truly magnificent surroundings of a mediaeval city of Kraków with it’s UNESCO listed world heritage Old Town
and will give you a once-in-a –lifetime experience of having a dinner more than 100m underground in one of the world-famous Wieliczka Salt Mine chambers

For more details and information please go to the
and do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards
TCM Congress Kraków office